Conference update


As you already know, our conference will take place in two weeks time and we are looking forward to your arrival in Santiago de Compostela.
Here is some useful information to make your arrival and stay easier and more comfortable.

For information about how to travel to Santiago, you can check the conference webpage under “Travel information“. The conference venue is the Faculty of Philology. There are regular buses from the bus station (Estación de autobuses) to the venue (Avenida de Castelao, Facultade de Filoloxía), though it is a ten-minute walk downhill.
From the train station it is a rather long and not-recommended walk, so you may prefer to take a bus or a taxi to get to the venue. For buses check this site (Origin: Avenida de Lugo, escaleiras estación do ferrocarril; Destination: Avenida de Castelao, Facultade de Filoloxía).

Registration will be open from 09:00am onwards on Friday 21st. The registration desk will be at the faculty hall, so you can see it as you enter the building. The opening session and plenary lectures will be in a larger room (Salón de graos) on the ground floor. The parallel sessions will be in Room 11 (2nd floor) and Room 17 (third floor). Check the programme to see what is the room where your presentation has been located. The final programme has already been uploaded. Notice that there have been minor changes from previous versions. There are computers, projectors and sound facilities in both rooms. If you are using Power Point, make sure to copy your presentation in the computer desktop beforehand. We have not remote controls for presentations.

There is a Photocopy room on the ground floor of the Faculty of Philology, but it will only be open on Friday. If you need to make any copies, please make sure to prepare them on Friday. There will be no open photocopying and printing facilities around the Faculty on Saturday.

There will be two ways to connect to the Internet during the conference: Eduroam and the conference connection. If you are using Eduroam, proceed as usual connecting with your username and password. If you prefer to use the conference network, choose the network ELC3 and log in with the following ID:
Login: ELC3
Password: Rz35st89

There will be two coffee breaks during the conference: on Friday and on Saturday morning. These will take place in the Cafeteria on the ground floor. Luch is not included in the coference fee, but there are plenty of restaurants around the faculty where you can eat at a reasonable price.

The conference dinner will be at 21.00 on Friday 21st at Restaurante San Jaime. You can go there by yourselves or alternatively someone from the organising committee will meet you at the Faculty of Philology at 20:30 to get you to the restaurant.

September is a very changing month, so that it is practically impossible to make predictions about the weather. In general we have mild temperatures, though the mornings and nights tend to be rather cold. Santiago is a very rainy city, so you might consider bringing an umbrella. Check this site for weather information.

We hope that this information has been useful, but do not hesitate in contacting us if you have further queries.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Santiago.

The Organising Committee

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Conference update

As you already know, our conference will take place in two weeks time and we are looking forward to your arrival in Santiago de Compostela. Here is some useful information...


Registration is now open

We would like to remind you that registration for the ELC3 is already open. Please check the details in the section “Registration”.